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How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – Book Review

I began this book with my son when he was four years and three months.  It was very easy to follow and the instructions were spelled out very specifically.  It literally tells you exactly what to say. I really liked this because it was simple and straightforward. However, I started too early with my son and I realize that I was just over eager.  I pushed through a little longer than I should have and finally realized he just wasn’t ready. We put the book aside and didn’t pick it back up until he was 4 1/2.  I realize that it may not seem like a lot of time, but it worked for us.  Since he had already been through quite a few of the lessons in the first go round, the second time he zipped through the first few lessons.  I think this gave him a boost of confidence and from then on it was smooth sailing.  He did not struggle at all like he did the first time.  I truly believe the lessons should only take 15 minutes or less.  If it’s taking you longer it might be a situation similar to ours where the child is not ready.  Be patient.  You will get there! One thing I felt that helped us was making flash cards for the words that you can’t sound out, such as: said, is, was, etc.  I also made flash cards for all the common words: the, this, that, has, have, had, I, she, we, he, etc.  I only reviewed the flash cards if we had already covered the word in the book. We would complete a lesson in the book and then go through the flash cards.  This helped him recognize the words quicker and improved his reading. If you are unsure about whether you are ready for this book or not, you may want to check with you local library to see if they have a copy and try it out a couple weeks before buying. Making the flash cards was simple.  I typed the words in Microsoft Word, printed them, laminated them, and cut them out.

All the best to you in your home school journey!