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Charlotte Mason Original Homeschooling Series – where to find it

The Original Home Schooling Series includes the complete works of Charlotte Mason.  Currently, I belong to a group that meets once a month to discuss Charlotte Mason’s writing.  Basically, we read one book at a time, one chapter at a time.

We meet at someone’s house each month and our moderator leads us in discussing the assigned chapter.  Our moderator, who has been leading the group for over 10 years, is an amazing woman that has been homeschooling for over 17 years and the majority of that time she has been using Charlotte Mason’s methods.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of being part of this group for over 3 years.  I joined simply to meet like minded, Christian women that were going to home school or were already home schooling their children.  I had no idea who Charlotte Mason was.  I did a quick google search, read a brief bio and was interested.  Since then, I can truly say I have been on a journey.  I have come to realize that when we meet we are covering Charlotte Mason’s theories.

Charlotte Mason’s Original Home Schooling Series represents her theories on education.  She covers a broad spectrum of topics bringing them all together under the main theme: “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”

The breadth and depth of these books will give us plenty to discuss in upcoming posts.

Ambleside Online has made the books available online for free here.  If you find it difficult to read, Ambleside Online also has a Paraphrased Modern English version available for free here.  If you wish to have a hard copy, I would recommend following the book link above to Amazon (through our affiliated related link) or try other web stores.

Amazon has other versions than this available but I’ve heard they do differ from the Original Homeschooling Series so beware.

Blessings to you all!