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Book of Firsts

Recently, at a meeting with fellow Charlotte Mason friends, the topic of a “Book of Firsts” was mentioned.  I had never heard of a “Book of Firsts” but I liked it so much I decided to do a post about it.  Charlotte Mason suggested using this method with children.

A Charlotte Mason “Book of Firsts” is a diary that you keep to record when “The First (event)” happened in the year.  For example, you may want to record “Saw the first Daffodil bloom of the year” or “Saw the first Bradford Pear bud of the year”. When you see your “first”, you record it in your diary.  Ideally, it would be best to use a calendar with only the month and the date and  you would record the year and document what “First” you observed. And year after year, you note your “firsts” of the year.

If you are living in the same area, you would, hopefully, have similar entries each year, such as “Saw the first Bradford Pear bud of the year” and you will begin to notice the date moves each year as winter is either shorter or longer.  This is a great teaching tool for children helping them to be better observers of nature around them, as well as, teach them about specific flowers and trees and more. If you move, it is a great way to see how blooming happens earlier or later in the year depending on where you are.

And remember,  it’s not just about spring “firsts”.  A great fall first could be “Saw the first yellow leaf” or for winter “Saw the first snow”. It’s a wonderful year round activity.

God Bless you on your Walk!