Learning From a Textbook? Try LIVING with pages from a real Book.

Great idea for getting to know your state…

1 Rad Home school Dad


. . . how colorfully and scientifically our generation talks down to the little child! What insipid, stupid, dull stories are trotted out! And we don’t stop there. We don’t respect the children’s thinking or let them come to any conclusions themselves! We ply them with endless questions, the ones we’ve thought up, instead of being silent and letting the child’s questions bubble up with interest. We tire them with workbooks that would squeeze out the last drop of anybody’s patience. We remove interesting books and squander time on ‘reading skill testing,’ using idiotic isolated paragraphs which no one would dream of taking home to read.5 

After reading this quote today, I am reminded of the wonderful opportunity we have to teach our children. We get to share with them how to react to bullies. How to love others. How to show the Love of Christ. We get…

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One thought on “Learning From a Textbook? Try LIVING with pages from a real Book.”

  1. Hey, just saw this re-post. Sorry it took so long. Thanks for reposting. I love your site … much to learn from you. Hope you become a follower as well.


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